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hang power clean

Hang Power Clean 

In this article, we are going to show you how to stop the Top 3 Hang Power Clean Technic Benefit step by step easy process.

Let’s Get Start it.

What is a Hang Power Clean technic?

Hang power clean is one of the Technics of weight lifting in Olympic sports. Hang power clean is different from general Power clean.

In Hang power clean the bar or the dumbbell lifting starts from mid-thigh position whereas in Cross-fit Power clean bar lifting starts from the ground level. 

Setting up for the hang power clean

Hang Power Clean

There are ten important points to keep in mind before starting Hang power clean.

1) Maintain Hip width stance.

2) Keep hands about one thumb distance from hips.

3) Hold the bar with the hook grip.

4) Lower the bar to just above the knees.

5) The lumbar curve maintained.

6) Heels down and arms straight.

7) Torso rotates to vertical and hips expand rapidly.

8) Shoulders shrug, followed by a pull under with the arms.

9) The bar is received in a partial front squat.

10) Complete at full hip and knee extension with a bar in the front rack position.

Hang Power Clean Benefits:

Hang Power Clean

The Hang Power Clean offers certain benefits for athletes and ambitiously training people, such as

#1.Hang Power Clean benefit : 

The first and foremost benefit of hang Power Clean is it helps to improve your CrossFit Power Clean Technique.

You can choose to start with the Hang Power Clean at the mid-thigh position, where the bar should ideally make contact and use this variation as a corrective exercise to learn and get a feeling for where the right contact on the thigh should be.

#2. Hang Power Cleans increases power and explosiveness :

The hang power clean shortens the range of the full movement and requires you to develop force and power more quickly also named ‘rate of force development’ (RFD), which is more sports specific.

#3. Hang Power Cleans are easy to perform compared to the Power Clean :

The Power Clean is difficult to perform for some athletes of CrossFit or Olympic, due to the simple reason that they work hard to get into the right start position when the bar is on the ground.

Tips and Tricks for a Hang Power Clean:

Hang Power Clean

Hang power clean is a little tricky business to athletes of CrossFit as well. It is not easy to learn this without a proper trainer and in a limited time span. But once you become familiar with the technique it will become very easy for you to execute Hang Power Clean.

Before going for the Dumbbell Hang Power Clean follow all the same cues as with a barbell, only be hard-working about catching the bells in the front rack and clearing your shoulder.

When the weight is light, expect these to look like a reverence bicep curl. Always receive the dumbbells in the catch position with a good thumb grip.

Few important tips that one should keep by heart are 

#1. Engage the Glutes and Hamstrings:

To achieve good Power Clean Hang it is important to utilize powerful ex-tensors in the body by engaging the glutes and hamstrings. This gives an efficiently recruited posterior chain and then you can produce maximal force.

To get into the hang position, hinge at your hips, pushing your butt back until the hamstrings are good and taut.

A known mistake that happens usually is bending the knees as if you are sitting down, which just results in pushing the knees forward. Don’t sit down push your butt back instead. Sitting down pulls recruitment away from the hamstrings and puts the majority of the workload on the quadriceps. That’s not what you want.

A good hang position helps in the successful execution of the hang clean and enables the maximal development of the fast-twitch muscle fibers in the hamstrings and glutes.

#2. Don’t rush to Power Clean:

Usually, athletes unknowingly rush into the hang clean activity with common mistakes which is not good.

As a result, they will end up hitting the thighs at extension rather than staying close to the hip. Hang Power Clean is all about creating an explosive and powerful movement.

If you are an athlete getting trained for game then keep in mind that rushing to the hang clean position is not a good practice we need to be very patient in achieving the Hang Clean position.

In the long run, staying patient and finding the right timing will make the movement easier to perform.

#3. Focus on Heels until the bar reaches hip height:

For a perfect Hang Power Clean, it is a big challenge to get the bar to the hip-height. It is better to have a good pair of Olympic lifting shoes with stiffer soles with less cushion.

which helps you in getting every ounce of force out of the pull and limits the amount of lateral roll in the ankle, unlike Standard running shoe with the too soft sole which impedes your ability to feel feedback from the platform, interfering with proper timing and overall durability.

Again this issue boils down to long-suffering and timing. Yes, we do want to hit full extension in the knees, hips, and ankles.

But we don’t want to push onto our toes until the very end of the pull. You should know the concept of keeping the chest over the bar, being patient enough to wait for a drive onto the toes will save you from a sloppy bar path and a bad receiving position.

While pulling the bar, focus on pushing through the floor directly through the heels until the bar reaches hip-height.

Extending onto your toes too early will take decrease the power generated by the hip extension and pushing the bar away from the body causing your pull to be weaker and less efficient overall.

Hang Power Clean VS Power Clean

  • Hang Power Clean

In the Power clean technique, the pull is initiated from the floor.


In a hang power clean, the pull is initiated right above the knee after standing up with the bar fully. What Muscles Are Worked Doing A Hang Power Clean hang power clean is one of the exercises which involves full-body movement.

To get into the Hang Power Clean position we need to do the dead-lift which engages our gluts, hips, hamstrings, quads, and back.

You pull your shoulders, legs, hips to generate the maximum force which initiates the bar lift. Your core is stabilizing itself in the catch position throughout the clean movement.

Suffice to say, in the Hang Power Clean Hamstrings, Glutes, Hips, Quads muscles are worked.

Trainer’s Answer for Reader Question:

#1.what is hang power clean?
Hang power clean is a simple variation of the hang clean in which the bar is received parallel squat.

#2. How do you do a hang clean pull?
Start holding the bar with a shoulder-width grip in front of your thigh. Slightly squat down, and your heels to explode upwards using the momentum to help pull it up to chest height.

#3. Does hang clean build muscle?
Yes, it can make muscle. Hang power clean movement from the elbow, wrist, ankle, shoulder, knee make it total body exercise.

#4. Do power clean burn fat?
Yes, it will be burning calories and body fat.



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