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Do You Want To Become Strong Through Hang Clean Squats | Thehealthxp

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Do you want to become strong through hang clean squats?

If you are one among those people who want to build up their strength through workouts, then you need to know about the hang clean squats movement. You can have full-length body movements, which can increase your strength as well as power in your movements.

When you are concentrating on weight lifting, you must add this technique to improvise your training. Few of the athletes do mention it as squat clean, which is different from power clean and sister lift. But whereas when it comes to Olympic athletes they prefer to call this movement as just ‘clean’.

What Is The Procedure To Perform This Technique? 

hang clean squats


  • Start with heels hips.
  • Put your hands in a hook grip just outside thighs with the bar in contact.
  • Make sure you bend hips at back and create vertical shins and maintain a slight flexion in the knees.
  • Maintain your back with a strong tight arch.
  • Put your core tight and chest up.
  • Put your weight on the back of your heels.
  • Begin the second pull from your mid-thigh to the extension. You need to establish such a position before you start the pull.
Important points to remember 

These are very important points of hang clean squats for beginner.

  • Bring the bar into your body and start jumping aggressively while extending your knees, hips, and ankles.
  • Give a big shrug in the shoulders so that elbows come high.
  • Rest the bar on your shoulders with the elbows up by using the full front squat technique.
  • Come back to a standing position by driving through your heels.
  • You can only complete Rep only when your knees and hips get fully locked out and be open at the top.
Tips for your technique
  • You need to practice mostly upon the second pull, where actual hang clean begins. You can make it by using the full power of your hips.
  • You can improve your posture by increasing your speed under the bar.
  • Do not jump high, but not hard. You can do this with strong trust while leaving the ground. With a high jump, you will take longer to complete the rep.
  • Make sure to have long arms because bending your arm will only dampen your hips contribution.
  • Bend your elbows a bit high and outside once you are fully extended.

How it is different from other techniques?

hang clean squats

Hang clean technique is different from other techniques. You can find the below defaults while performing other techniques.

  • Not having a proper finishing.
  • Improper bending of the arm.
  • A lifter can be burdened with overweight.
  • At the end of the second pull, it may not be possible for the lifter to increase the terminal height of the barbell. It can be a lack of strength and power.

A lifter needs to overcome such things to be perfect. It can only possible through hang clean technique. You can easily increase your concentration and focus which will lead you to have enough power and strength.

Benefits of Clean Squats:

hang clean squats

Force Development:

It can be a difficult task to increase the rate of force development. But using the hang squat clean technique it is possible for an athlete to accelerate the barbell higher into the pull. It will give longer durations to the athlete to become fixated for a fully squatted position. It will offer a greater clearance than the other techniques.

Clean Finish:

Lack of a clean pull will be the basic reason for many athletes’ failure. It can be because of poor balance, technique and timing. You can also notice a lack of strength while performing the hangs. When such exercise is being performed you need to isolate the specific area. Focus all your energy into the pull and increase your energy output at the hip/thigh to finish the lift. A proper velocity can achieve you a perfect finish in a pull.

Leg Drive:

You need to maintain the balance of your legs. It is often noticed that a lifter will start bending their arms when they pull the barbell. It is not completely wrong, you need to check the technique properly when it comes to hand. You need to maintain the arm angle according to your height so, that you can maintain a balanced leg drive. Hang clean squats will help the lifter to get know about balancing their feet while increasing the barbell velocity and bar heights.

Maximize the Speed:

You can only increase your speed when you have a clean, stable and deep position under the heavy clean. You can increase your ability both mentally and physically through hang cleans technique.

Proper Timing:

Proper timing and rhythm can help a lifter to have a clean lift. You need to maintain your timing while you focus on the hip area and start to drive the torso vertically. Immediately you need to pull on the torso and get your legs back under the barbell. You can only achieve such timing with lots of practice and technique. Be confident which can help you try again and again even though you fail to do one.

Can it be added in the regular training and how?

hang clean squats

You can add this to your regular training but you need to be a bit careful. There are many benefits with this exercise which comes with few tips to carry out. You can even increase your power with hang power clean.

Dropping too quickly: Be careful and do not drop your bar too quickly. You cannot maintain your shrug and hip extension for a shorter period. You need to increase the speed of extending and dropping under the bar, it will help you to move more weight.

Bending the elbows: Try to catch the position with your arms rather than attempting to muscle the bar. You can use your lats and shoulders and pull the bar high.

Elbows down: If you are one of them who is yet to do front squatting it is common for you to know. While performing squat cleans, your wrists and forearms may hurt. To avoid such pain while catching the bar drive your elbows from the bottom of the catch to the ceiling. It will help you to decrease the pain in your forearm.

It is all about the hang clean squats as of now. You can fix your exercise with the help of this technique. An athlete can increase their posture to make sure they have a perfect training.

Question And answer:-

1. What is better hang clean or power clean?

To improve the sports performance training power clean and hang clean is the
best exercise. A Hang Clean is basically where you start from the hang, That performs a full clean.

2. Can you squat clean more than the power clean?

The power clean improves the strength than the squat clean. The squat cleans the athlete to clean more weight.

3. Do power cleans burn fat?

Yes, POwer cleans burn fat. Due to the full-body work out it decrease the fat from our body.


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